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Story # 1 "Felix & Oscar"
   At a well-known university in Kentucky, one roommate was so fed up with the other's unsanitary habits and clutter that he gathered up everything his roommate had left on the floor... all over the bathroom .... all over the kitchen... and put it all... all over on his bed. Knowing this would lead to a fight...but also knowing that he was out of alternatives, the roommate had essentially piled up empty cans of tuna fish, soiled food cartons, hairy bars of soap.. and a whole lot more--right on the slovenly one's bed...Anxiously, he waited for hours -- anticipating his roommate's arrival back at the dorm..but to no avail... when he woke up in the morning he saw his roommate directly across from him -- asleep peacefully under a blanket of tuna cans, food cartons, and more trash! His roommate woke up later that day, went about his business, and never said anything of it! Did he at least clean up the trash on his bed? We never got to hear the rest of this war story but one can only exclaim in response.."Some people just can't be changed!"

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