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Living Without Roommates In College ... NAAAAHHHH!!!

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    Many colleges offer students the option to live in smaller dorms by themselves. Of course, you could also decide to forego roommates if you can afford your very own off-campus apartment.... but as much as people tend not to get along with their college roommates, the staff at CollegeRoommates.Com believes that the overall experience of learning to live with and share with others is so uniquely valuable that  no one should miss out on it! Living on your own really has very little to offer. Roommates can actually come in handy! Besides, if you don't like the way things work out with your first set of roommate(s), you can always switch rooms later on! Networking with other human beings can be incredibly beneficial. It's very possible that even if you don't like your roommate, you may fall in love with and marry one of their friends or relatives! Or perhaps your roommate works at a terrific job that has a lucrative opening you can fill. Maybe your roommate will turn out to be a member of some club, organization, or group you'll join that will positively influence your college years! Whatever the reason...whatever the connection.... the experience of living with others can and most likely WILL have a strong influence on the events of your life--even if you don't particularly like the person with whom you live!

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