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    On-campus housing rarely offers opportunities to search for your own roommates. Dorm mates are either pre-selected by the college or students get to name the specific friends with which they'd like to live. But those living off campus can control who gets to live with them and who doesn't! Some students purchase ad space in newspapers describing the type of roommate they're seeking. Others post flyers on bulletin boards. Many even go on-line and use services aimed at helping them find the "perfect" person (or people) with which to share their apartment. At CollegeRoommates.Net, we recommend drawing up a realistic set of expectations before placing any such advertisement and deciding -- well in advance-- precisely what sort of interview questions  you'd like to ask your potential roommates. Don't ever be afraid to request a list of names and phone numbers to call as references, Sometimes, even talking to someone's parents over the phone, can give you a realistic idea re: how much you might have in common with them or even whether or not they're going to turn out to be a slob! (Even someone's own mom will usually let out the truth when it comes to questions about how they kept their bedroom back home!) Happy hunting!

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