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   Before getting an on campus apartment you may need to consider that despite any potential luxuries, living arrangements may be even more tricky than those common in simple dormitory situations. For one thing, your on campus apartment is going to have more than one student living there and multiple roommates CAN cause multiple headaches if you're not a "roomie"-type of person. In such a case, you should probably consider looking for an off campus apartment with only one person sharing the rent instead. But if you already have experienced living with one or more other people and have enjoyed it, then on campus apartments offer a great, reasonably-priced [well...usually reasonably-priced] alternative to their off-campus counterparts! Just remember: apartments have alot more space and several more rooms than dorms. On the bright side, this enables you more frequently to separate yourself from your roommates but on the downside, it usually adds kitchens and living rooms which can become your idea of very messy or dirty thanks to those who share the space with you. As always, the best advice we can really offer is: before jumping into anything, consider all of your options. Let us know if you have any questions!

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