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Roommates & Off Campus Apartments

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   At many colleges, dormitories & apartments can be so noticeably grungy that resident students refer to them as "the projects."  Consequently, even some of the least attractive off-campus apartments can seem like plush penthouses when compared with their on campus counterparts. As a result, real estate owners tend to purchase as many properties as they can near college campuses for the sole purpose of renting them out to students. We've all heard some municipalities referred to as "college towns" and part of what truly makes a surrounding community into a bonafide "college town" is its vast number of tenant-filled dwellings which house local students.
   So how do students find an apartment that's "right" for them? Calculate your budget first. Before going apartment shopping, make sure you know exactly how much you can spend. Don't waste your own valuable time being shown around apartments that you know you can't afford. Use the newspaper classifieds, use apartment guides, use the internet, & spend one full day making a list... and even a folder of "candidates" that you feel are within your price range and needs. Be realistic about how close the apartment you want is to your  school, consider the potential costs of utilities, and be careful to consider how long you could go on affording it with or without a partner!

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