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  Living with roommates in college dorms doesn't work out as often as it fails... 'Tis sad but true. More people report unhappy relationships with their roommates than they do the opposite! Even a search for "college roommates" via the internet will reveal zillions of sites with titles along the lines of "[how to] annoy your college roommate" but only a rare few will offer such touching words as those posted on "to my college roommate."  Part of the problem is that it's human nature for us to pick out a person's negative aspects much quicker & with greater ease than it is for us to realize their positive ones. This is especially true when it comes to living with people in a situation that compromises both of your privacy levels. You're bound to see the person/people with which you live at their best and you're also bound to seem them at their worst. We often tend to remember those "worse" moments and talk about them more than we do the others. After all, "normality" can be boring.. It's sensationalism that sells. You're more likely to tell war stories about the time someone spilled their breakfast all over you than you are about the pleasant conversation you had over cereal. Just remember, you're likely to be around them while they're in a pleasant mood and you're likely to be around them while they're pissed off at the world. If you work hard to view those with whom you live as people and remember that they're GOING to have some faults (and so are you!), you'll find the whole experience that much easier!

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