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Story # 3 "A Topic For Jerry Springer ?"
   "It was hard to convince him of the truth when my roommate woke me up from a deep sleep while I was in bed with his girlfriend! Fortunately, he was cool-headed enough to sit down and listen while I explained what had apparently taken place the ngiht before. Trouble is at first I wasn't too sure myself...and his crying girlfriend certainly had no idea either. Apparently, when I had waltzed in drunk the night before, I didn't even realize whose bed I was lying down in --and his girlfriend had already been there asleep while my roommate was out working all night. Neither of us knew we'd shared that bed all night long--but you can imagine the difficulty we had explaining it all to my roommate/her boyfriend who eventually just started laughing... waltzed in..woke us both up.. and NEITHER of us knew what had happened!  I guess it's a good thing I went to sleep fully-dressed!"

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