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Story # 2 "Things change... around"
  "I'm not a slob by any stretch of the imagination but this one roommate I had when I was a sophomore was WAY too neat and organized. She would go ballistic if the refrigerator wasn't properly organized each day according to the four main food groups!" When it came to bars of soap in the shower? We each needed our own AND they "had" to be kept in alphabetical sequence according to our first name! We actually lived in a 2-room apartment and her room was next to mine with a common hallway, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc; ... So I just had to do it.. I had to mess with her... One day I went into her room and very carefully switched things around. I arranged her books from Z-A instead of from A-Z. I turned the fold on her bed down on the right side...rather than on the left side. Subtle things.. changes most people would never notice. I pulled her chair out from under her desk by just an inch or two... Her dress shoes on one side of the closet and her sneakers on the opposite side..switched around in reverse order... How long did it take before this neat freak realized that someone was messing around with her? When she came home that night, I heard a loud, blood-curdling scream as if someone had seen a ghost. It was her.. and she was crying on the floor. Luckily, five of us shared an apartment.. She would never find out who had created this reverse "mirror" image of her perfectly organized room but even more important was this: she never changed the order back and her psychotic neatness came to an end. Over time, she told us that she realized that whether things were organized on one side or the other... didn't really make a difference... because they were still organized. And even better, she realized that total organization was too stressful! I'm glad she's changed.. She's actually pretty cool now!"

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